Chaplaincy Training


Biblical Law Enforcement and Corrections Chaplaincy (LECC) is offered to adult Bible college students, pastors, and lay persons who are burdened by the Lord to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who serve in society as ordained ministers of God’s Justice (Romans 13:4) and/or to offenders and inmates who have become the direct recipients of that justice (Romans 13:2).


Students must be 18 years of age or older with no arrests (whether convicted or not) within the past two calendar years of the date of application. Regular class attendance during the entire course is required for completion.


The classroom component of this course consists of forty hours comprised of lectures, video presentations, discussion, daily quizzes. A final comprehensive exam is sent home after the classroom instruction is completed.

The classroom component will be followed by three practical field exercises. A Final Report and proof of certification in the three NIMS/ICS components must be also completed and mailed to the instructor with a postmark date of no later than twelve weeks from the conclusion of the classroom component.


Three practical field exercises are required following completion of the student manual component. It is suggested that the student completes the ride along component in a city or county where the level of patrol activity will be significant enough to meet the intent of the exercise. The practical exercise component of this course consists of each of the following:

  • A minimum 4-hour ride along with an on-duty uniformed law enforcement patrol officer in a marked squad car. Male students must ride with male officers only; female students must ride with female officers only.
  • A minimum 2 hours of observation/program time or direct ministry in a county jail or state prison where significant inmate interaction is made. If ministry or observation is one-on-one with an individual, the same gender restrictions as noted above will apply without exception.
  • A tour of the nearest Medical Examiner’s Office or Coroner’s Office, to include the viewing of a complete post-mortem examination if at all possible.

Jane on a ride along

NIMS/Incident Command System Certification

Students must achieve certification in the following three components of NIMS through FEMA/U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a condition of successful completion of LECC:

  • NIMS/Incident Command System IS-100.LEa
  • NIMS/Incident Command System IS-200.a
  • NIMS/Incident Command System IS-700.a

The course content of the NIMS training will be covered in the classroom component.

Testing and certification in these NIMS components, however, must be completed by the individual student and can be done online in under an hour.

The web address to the testing site will be furnished in class. Each test takes approximately 15-20 minutes, and certificates are generated immediately and sent electronically by FEMA. Copies of certificates must be submitted to In PURSUIT! Ministries with the student’s Final Report as a condition of successful completion of LECC.

Note: Students who may already be certified in IS-100.LEa, IS-200.a, and IS-700.a need only provide documentation of their certification upon registration for LECC. Recertification in the NIMS/ICS is not necessary.


A minimum 6-page final report documenting the student’s activities, observations, and personal impressions of these three field exercises must be submitted. The report should contain a chronological account, the name(s) of officer(s) with whom the student participated, and a critical analysis and commentary regarding the applicability of the course material where it was pertinent to the experiences in the field.

The final report will be graded on neatness, relevancy to the topic, and depth of effort and application. The Final Report must be typed on white paper, double spaced, and should contain the student’s name and address at the top. For reasons of confidentiality, completed final reports must not be transmitted electronically. Students must mail the final report via US Postal Service directly to In PURSUIT! MINISTRIES.

Students who successfully complete all components of the course will receive a Certificate of Completion of a 55-Hour course of specialized instruction in Biblical Law Enforcement and Corrections Chaplaincy issued by In PURSUIT! Ministries under the authority of the Berean Baptist Church of Detroit Lakes, MN.

If your church would like to host a training session in your area, call In PURSUIT! Ministries of California  as soon as possible!



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  1. John A. Mitten
    July 13, 2012, 1:09 PM

    God has opened the door for me to be the head chaplain of Hernando County Sheriff’s office. I have been a pastor for 40 years and have a burden for these men and woman who serve us so faithfully and with the potential of making the ultimate sacrifice daily.
    This is the 4th year of serving as a volunteer and recently recruiting other pastors to serve as well. In this time there has been two deaths of which I was called to the scene of the accident to counsel, or accompany the sheriff to notify the family.

    I am interested in training and also establishing policy which will focus on Biblical counsel and instruction, before there are others who would muddy the waters.
    Right now I am in control and must walk circumspectly, and wisely. The salvation of the souls of these dedicated men and women is the ultimate goal.
    Our sheriff is a believer and there are many in the H.C.S.O. who are saved and supportive of the chaplaincy program.

    I need wisdom and material to establish a Bible based ministry.

    Can you help me?

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